Friday, September 10, 2010

Recommending Resources

A lot of the Blogs that I follow are full of valuable information written by incredibly talented people.

I want to share these resources with you in the hopes that you too; may find some help, advice, inspiration, great art or information that will interest you!

It would be negligent of me not to mention the web. Google search and I are best friends, we have a relationship that goes way beyond the 'norm' . . . (and I would truly be a forlorn lost soul without 'Google' in my life ~  aarh such sweet and simple pleasures that can be gained from such a relationship!!)

The information available nowadays via the web is absolutely mind boggling . . . however a word of caution.

Think about your search terms carefully (the wording can save valuable time!!) and be prepared to go past page 2 or 3. Sometimes the best information can be found hidden amongst all the 'dross'.

Also do remember, use your inner wisdom, knowledge and perception as to the truth or validity of statements that you find out there.

Some people think they are experts when in fact the opposite is true and sometimes we think they are experts simply because it's on the web.

Finally with all the recommendations of sites that I make, please remember, we're all different; what resonates with me may not feel right or applicable to you ~ (and I certainly make no claim to be an expert . . . I love learning and research too much !)

These incredibly talented people have done a lot of the hard work for you and provided relevant, pertinent and valuable information on a vast range of subjects!!

So grab a coffee, a notepad and pen and settle in for some great reading from them!!
You'll find links to these wonderful people in my sidebars and below !!

In the coming weeks I will be adding more following information that you may find of interest: including 'Tips and Tools' for the creative artist, and more in depth discussions about various sites and resources.

Please feel welcome to leave a comment or request for information
warm hugs
Lindy klk

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